Add Excel or whiteboard to Teams channel - Gosse explains

You work with others in a Teams channel, but of course you want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. How convenient would it be if you could instantly Excel files or a Whiteboard can add to your channel? In our latest video from the "Gosse explains" series, show you how to do this efficiently. Whether you are working on project management or creative brainstorming, having the right tools at your fingertips is crucial.

Add Excel or whiteboard to Teams channel - Gosse explains | Mica IT

Adding Excel files to a Teams channel

Step by step: integrating Excel

To get started, open the Teams channel where you want to add the Excel file. Go to the top of the channel and select 'Add tab'. Here you get a list of options; choose Excel. This allows you to directly integrate a new or existing file into your channel.


Case study: Financial report sharing

Suppose you need a financial report share with your team. You navigate to 'General', select 'Add Tab', and choose Excel. Then you upload the report from 'My Documents'. Now anyone who has access to the channel can view and edit the document. This not only makes collaboration easier but also much more structured.


Integrating a Whiteboard into Teams

How do you add a Whiteboard?

For teams that collaborate visually, the Whiteboard is an indispensable tool. Go to the channel where you want to add the Whiteboard and click on 'Add tab'. Among the suggestions you will find the option for Whiteboard. Select this, and the Whiteboard is immediately added to your channel, ready for use during meetings or brainstorming sessions.


Case study: Visualizing project planning

Imagine this: your team is planning a new project. By adding a Whiteboard to the Project Planning channel, team members can visualize and structure ideas in real-time. This helps everyone quickly and efficiently understand project phases and task distribution.


Tips for effective use of added tools in Teams

Manage tabs for maximum productivity

Effective management of tabs in Teams is crucial. Make sure you set access permissions properly so that only the right team members can make changes. Regularly reviewing which tabs are active and which can be removed, if any, also helps keep your channel organized and functional.


When do you use which tool?

Choosing the right tool for the right purpose is essential. Use Excel for detailed data reports and financial analyses, while a Whiteboard is ideal for creative brainstorming and quick sketches. By using these tools strategically, your team can work together more efficiently and purposefully.



Summary and call to action

We have seen how easy it is to Excel files and Whiteboards add to your Teams channels. These tools increase collaboration opportunities and enable your team to work more efficiently and purposefully. Whether you're sharing detailed reports or brainstorming new ideas together, the right integration makes a world of difference.


We encourage you to check out Mica IT's full podcast episode for more in-depth explanations and live demonstrations. Experiment with these integrations and see for yourself how they can improve productivity and collaboration within your team.

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