Behind the Scenes of Customer Satisfaction: Podcast #1.10 from Mica IT

At Mica IT, we are bekened to our modern workplace solutions, but what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that impeccable customer satisfaction? Our recent podcast dives into the core of our customer service philosophy and Reveals the secrets behind our successful approach.

Behind the Scenes of Customer Satisfaction Podcast #1.10 from Mica IT

Customer Satisfaction: A Personalized Approach

Our colleagues, visibly passionate about their work, share their insights on how building personal relationships with customers is essential to our service. They emphasize the importance of actively listening and thinking with the customer, as well as offering solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable.

Collaboration as the Key to Success

We learn from the podcast that Mica IT is not only about individual expertise, but also about collaboration and team support. Our employees are encouraged to ask for help and solve problems together, resulting in more efficient service and higher customer satisfaction.

Practical Wisdom over Theoretical Knowledge

Another interesting point that emerged is our preference for practical experience over theoretical knowledge. While we recognize the value of certification and formal education, we believe the real test of skills lies in daily practice and the real-life problems our clients face.

Security: Balancing between Security and Ease of Use

Security is a top priority at Mica IT. The podcast discusses how we balance maintaining strict security standards with ensuring a user-friendly experience for our customers. This includes avoiding common frustrations such as distinguishing between similar characters in passwords and providing help with password reset.

KPIs: A Tool, Not a Goal

Finally, in the podcast we touch on the subject of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), making it clear that they are useful as guidelines but should never take precedence in the service we provide. The true measure of our performance is the satisfaction of our customers and not the speed at which we handle tickets.


At Mica IT, quality over quantity, and our customer satisfaction scores prove it. While we are proud of our 100% satisfaction score, we remain committed to continuous improvement and personal accountability for every problem our customers experience.

For more in-depth insights and the full experience, listen to our full podcast at this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Mica IT, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration. We encourage team members to be proactive and leverage the collective knowledge within our organization to solve customer issues. This means that we often work as a team to ensure that each problem is handled carefully and that the solutions we provide are thoroughly tested before implementation.

We do not expect every team member to have all the answers immediately. Mica IT values eagerness to learn and perseverance. We encourage employees to ask questions and seek support from more experienced colleagues. It is important that they take responsibility for the problem being addressed and continue to communicate with the customer about progress.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We strive to handle every problem carefully and effectively. This includes ensuring that we fully understand and resolve a problem before we consider it "handled. We also follow up with the customer to confirm that the solution provided is satisfactory.

At Mica IT, we balance the need for strict security measures with user-friendly service by implementing efficient and secure processes for things like password resets and account verifications. We make sure to use strong passwords while supporting the customer in easily resetting and modifying their credentials.

While technical knowledge is certainly important, Mica IT also values communication skills and the ability to solve problems creatively. We offer training and development opportunities to help our employees grow in their technical skills and service delivery.

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