Efficient brainstorming with Microsoft Teams whiteboard - Gosse explains

In today's digital age, where remote working is increasingly becoming the norm, finding effective ways to collaborate and share ideas is essential. Microsoft Teams has emerged as a crucial tool for virtual collaboration, and the whiteboard function plays a special role in this. In our latest video in the series "Gosse explains," we dive into how you can use this interactive tool to take your Teams meetings to the next level.

What is the Microsoft Teams Whiteboard?

The whiteboard in Microsoft Teams is a digital canvas where team members can collaborate in real-time during meetings. Whether brainstorming, planning projects, or visually explaining complex ideas, the whiteboard provides a versatile space for creative collaboration.


How to Start a Whiteboard in Teams.

Starting a whiteboard during a Teams meeting is easy:


  1. Meeting participation: Start by participating in your scheduled Teams meeting.
  2. Part function: In the meeting controls, look for the "Share" option and click it.
  3. Select Microsoft Whiteboard: From the sharing options, choose "Microsoft Whiteboard. Your whiteboard is immediately opened and shared with all participants in the meeting.

Benefits of Using a Whiteboard

  • Interactive Collaboration: The whiteboard facilitates a dynamic form of collaboration, allowing all participants to add and develop ideas simultaneously.
  • Visual Communication: Complex ideas become easier to understand when presented visually.
  • Flexibility: With different pens, colors, and tools, you can customize the whiteboard to meet your team's needs.

Saving and Sharing Whiteboard Sessions

A big advantage of the whiteboard in Teams is that you can save and share your sessions, so everyone has access to the ideas discussed, even after the meeting is over.


Want to see this feature in action and discover more practical tips? Then watch our video "Gosse explains" where we walk you through the process. And for more insights on how to use technology to make your workday more efficient and productive, follow our blog and stay tuned for the latest updates.

How do you create a whiteboard in a Teams meeting?

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