It is exactly thirteen days today since Mica IT did not celebrate its fifteenth anniversary.

April 1, 2005, can be read on the Chamber of Commerce registration. On that day Mica IT BV, under a different name for that matter, saw the light of day and the adventure began. And what an adventure it was.

Now I could list a laundry list of wonderful facts. Or give a number of arguments bordering on sales pitches as to why Mica IT is such a success. But we're not going to do that.

The beginning

From my personal perspective, it's actually quite simple. Your author used to not be into learning and there had to be and would be another way. Authority, "because it has to be that way," "you have to find a 'good' job later," and "everyone else is doing it that way anyway"-arguments were not for me. I preferred to choose my own path and make my own plans. I was looking for the freedom to choose with whom to work.

2011 Aalsmeer Office

What started with the wilfulness of a post-pubescent, and was fostered by my dear parents, was given the free space to start and grow into a close-knit group of IT professionals. I would therefore like to use this medium to thank my parents for the trust and freedom they have given me to put self-development at the center of my young life. Now that my wife and I may very soon meet our fourth child, I consider it my goal to also try to give them the opportunity to steer their own course and write their own life story.

Teamwork and individual drive

So, the preconditions for Mica IT were there in the early beginning. But, I can actually and almost exclusively, attribute Mica IT's success to the wonderful people I have met over the past 15 years. Not only the people that Mica has had the pleasure of completing assignments for, but also a team of greats who anno 2020 make the daily life of the three-member management, very easy. They have made Mica what it is today and they have matured the company.

The team at Mica consists of professionals who, in my mind, all understand what and why they do things for clients of Mica IT. Possibly seen through the proverbial rose-colored glasses, I could summarize that communication, common sense and a huge intrinsic motivation characterize the team of Mica IT. Are mistakes never made? Are there never any misunderstandings? I hear you thinking. Yes, of course there are. In fact, perhaps both types of stories keep each other on a scale, nicely balanced. No, no business exists without bumps.

Their strength is in recognizing, acknowledging, analyzing and improving. Learning from mistakes and doing more with them than updating the statistics. This explains not only the sometimes enormous personal growth of individuals, but also that of Mica IT as a whole. Sometimes failing together, always getting stronger and better together.

Mica - 10th anniversary
Luuk and Göran - Mica 10 years

Celebrations, but not for a while

With "the Corona crisis," it feels inappropriate to be overly cheerful. Especially in view of what awaits all entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. So it was formally decided that Mica IT would not start putting out festive messages, sending flashy e-mails or scribbling semi-stolen inspirational quotes for employees on cards. After all, before you know it, you will have Arjen Lubach after you.

So, despite the fact that Mica IT is appropriately marking this anniversary, I would like to personally, through this blog, thank everyone who has ever been involved with Mica IT for the amazing journey to date. In addition, I look forward to meeting all those new people that the team at Mica IT will meet along its path!

2017 New Uithoorn office

Healthy into the future

With some pride, full of good cheer and a head full of ambitious plans, I say: thank you colleagues, thank you partners and thank you loyal customers of Mica IT! Stay healthy and positive and let's spend the next 15 years as fruitfully together.

With warm greetings,