Introduction to SharePoint

SharePoint is a platform developed by Microsoft that helps companies manage their document management and make cooperation more efficient. But what does this really mean for your business? Let's explore that.

Introduction to SharePoint

How does SharePoint work?

Simply put, SharePoint is a Web-based platform that helps employees collaborate by sharing and managing documents, creating Web sites and more. It is designed to integrate with Microsoft Office and can be hosted internally or via the cloud.


Key features of SharePoint

Document Management
SharePoint provides a powerful document management system in which documents can be stored, shared and edited. In addition, you can manage versions of documents to maintain the integrity of information.


Collaboration and communication
SharePoint encourages teamwork through collaboration features such as collaborative editing, task management and sharing of news and updates.


Search and discovery
SharePoint provides advanced search features that allow users to quickly and easily find the information they need.



Benefits of SharePoint for your business

Improves collaboration
SharePoint allows teams to collaborate more efficiently. Real-time collaboration, task management and team websites make it easier for employees to collaborate and communicate.


Increases productivity
SharePoint can increase employee productivity by streamlining the management of documents and tasks, reducing time spent on administrative tasks.


Enhanced data security
SharePoint provides robust security measures to ensure that corporate data is secure. This includes capabilities such as version control, access control and data encryption.


Integrated business solutions
SharePoint integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as Office 365, Teams and OneDrive, giving companies one unified platform for their business needs.


How to implement SharePoint in your business

Planning and strategy
Implementing SharePoint starts with proper planning. Determine what features your company needs and establish an implementation strategy.

The implementation process may vary depending on the size and needs of your company. It may be helpful to consult a SharePoint specialist for this process.

Training and support
Provide adequate training for your employees and ongoing support to ensure everyone can get the most out of SharePoint.



SharePoint can be a valuable asset to your business, whether it's improved collaboration, increased productivity, or better data security. With proper planning and implementation, your company can take full advantage of what SharePoint has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

SharePoint is a Web-based platform that helps companies make their document management and collaboration more efficient.

SharePoint provides features for document management, collaboration and communication, and search and discovery.

SharePoint can increase productivity by streamlining the management of documents and tasks, reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

SharePoint implementation begins with planning and strategy, followed by actual implementation and finally training and support for your employees.

Yes, SharePoint provides robust security measures to ensure your company data is safe.

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