Mica IT: Investing in Talent - The Story of Valentijn Roodenburg

At Mica IT we believe in potential. We see it in the world of technology, in the growth of our business, but especially in people. People like Valentijn Roodenburg, an emerging tennis talent we are proud to sponsor.

Valentijn Roodenburg

Valentijn Roodenburg

Valentine is a young, energetic and determined tennis player whose dream is to reach the top of the tennis world. Just as he challenges himself every day to get better on the tennis court, we at Mica IT work on our own skills and growth every day. We share with Valentine a belief in hard work, dedication and a desire to improve. This drives not only his powerful backhand, but also our IT solutions.


Personal development

Our partnership with Valentine is more than sponsorship. It is a symbolic embodiment of our business philosophy - that the right support, guidance and motivation can help anyone unlock their potential and excel at what they do.

At Mica IT, we take our role seriously in supporting personal development. We know that everyone has unique talents and skills and we are here to nurture and develop them, just as we do with Valentine. We invest in our employees and community because we know that their success is our success.


On to the top

We look forward to Valentine's continued development and continue to support him on his path to the top. We invite you to be part of his journey and follow his accomplishments, as we believe his story inspires and reminds us all of what is possible with the right attitude and support.


Put it on, Valentine! We believe in you and are proud to support you on your journey.

Follow Valentine, too?


And let's follow Valentine's journey not only on the tennis court, but also off it! Valentine regularly shares updates, match highlights and moments from his daily life on his Instagram account. We invite you to follow him and become part of his growing community. See the passion, sweat drops, sacrifices and victories that come with the pursuit of excellence in tennis. Be inspired by his dedication, joy and determination. Support him with a like, comment or share his posts to show the world that we believe in the talent he is.


Visit Valentine's Instagram page to follow his journey to the top of the tennis world. Every like, comment and post shared counts. Together we can help Valentine make his dreams come true!

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