We are pleased to announce that Mica IT has welcomed a new colleague: Remco! He will join our IT team in the role of Cloud Advisor. We are confident that Remco will get off to a flying start as he is already familiar with some of our fellow colleagues. We welcome him to Mica and look forward to a successful cooperation.


In the IT world, change is the only constant and Mica does not stay behind. We are constantly working to improve our services by implementing new product developments and insights. One of our newest services is "Microsoft Azure by Mica," which Remco will be fully focused on.

This service includes Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365 and responds to the latest developments from Microsoft. As a 100% Microsoft Cloud solution for office automation, this new service also brings new dynamics. Remco will use his knowledge and skills to further develop and optimize this service for our customers.


Maybe you'll speak to Remco soon on a conference call or at a real table. Either way. I'm sure Remco would love to hear from you by now.

On behalf of the entire Mica IT team, we would like to wish Remco the best of luck and enjoyment in his new role as Microsoft Cloud Advisor. We are delighted that he is joining our team and look forward to his contribution to our services. We are already excited about his arrival and look forward to a successful collaboration.


Remco de Boer

0297 500 604
06 21 660 515