Mica Podcast #2.02: "Mica meets Mark van der Horst"

Welcome to the Mica Podcast #2.02: "Mica meets Mark van der Horst"


In this episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Mark van der Horst, CEO of EyeToEye and product owner of Bloqnote. Since 1995, he has been active as an entrepreneur and has operated a deep understanding developed of the role of technology in our daily lives. Today he shares his insights on the challenges and solutions in the healthcare sector, an area where technology plays a crucial role.


The Podcast: Mica meets Mark van der Horst | Mica Podcast #2.02

The Complexity of the Healthcare Sector

Why is healthcare so complex? The healthcare industry is known for its complexity due to the many parties involved such as governments, healthcare facilities, insurers and informal caregivers. Mark explains how this complexity increases the need for flexible and dynamic systems. In healthcare, it is not as simple as "you buy a car"; there are many layers and constantly changing factors that require a unique approach.


Technology Solutions by EyeToEye

Bloqnote: A revolution in client records Bloqnote, developed by EyeToEye, plays an essential role in the modernization of healthcare administration. This platform makes it possible to manage client data in an orderly manner and make it accessible to all parties involved. Mark shares practical examples where Bloqnote significantly improves communication between caregivers, clients and other stakeholders.


Impact of Technology on Healthcare Practice

Real stories, real impact Technology has the potential to dramatically change healthcare practice. Mark talks about specific cases where technology tools like Bloqnote directly contribute to better healthcare outcomes through faster access to information and improved communication between all parties.


Challenges and Vision for the Future

Navigating through challenges to a better future Implementing technology in healthcare is not without its challenges, especially given privacy laws and the need for interdisciplinary collaboration. Mark discusses his vision for the future of technology in healthcare, emphasizing the need for a secure but also collaborative approach.



Reflection and Outlook We conclude the conversation by reflecting on how technology such as Bloqnote not only improves efficiency in healthcare, but also increases the quality of life for clients. Mark emphasizes the importance of continuous innovation and adaptation in technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry.


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