Mica Podcast #2.03: "Mica meets Ronald Huizing"

Welcome to a new installment of the Mica Podcast, where today we get the chance to dive deeper into the world of logistics with none other than Ronald Huizing, the Country Manager at Maurice Award Group. This episode offers you an exclusive look at how major logistics players like Maurice Award Group are meeting the challenges of technology and automation.


The Podcast: Mica meets Ronald Huizing | Mica Podcast #2.03

Introduction Ronald Huizing and Maurice Award Group

Who is Ronald Huizing?

Ronald Huizing, a seasoned professional in logistics, leads Maurice Award Group's Dutch operations as Country Manager. Under his leadership, the company focuses on optimizing logistics processes and expanding their market share in Europe.

A look at Maurice Award Group

Maurice Award Group, originally started as a modest company, has developed into a leading player with offices across Europe. They specialize in providing transportation solutions via air, road and sea transport, focusing mainly on SMEs. The group is known for its efficient and customer-oriented services.


Logistics Innovations and Technological Developments

Technology in practice

At Maurice Award Group, technology is a crucial link in their daily operations. Ronald shares how they use advanced logistics software to manage freight efficiently. This ensures transparency and speed in the transportation process, essential for customer satisfaction.

From traditional to modern

The transition from traditional methods such as matrix printers to digital solutions illustrates the evolution within the company. Ronald highlights the shift to a paperless environment, which not only saves time but also reduces the margin of error. These changes show that even industries with a conservative image can adapt to new technologies.


The Impact of COVID-19 and Working from Home.

Changes by COVID-19

The pandemic has undeniably affected the way Maurice Award Group operates. Ronald explains how the company quickly made adjustments to allow working from home. This was a strategic move to ensure continuity of service during uncertain times.

Technological adaptations for working from home

The move to working from home required significant technological changes. For example, the company introduced new communication tools and secure VPN connections to allow employees to work effectively remotely. These changes ensured a seamless transition and supported the team's productivity.

Challenges and Frustrations in IT

Daily IT challenges

Ronald candidly shares about the IT challenges his team faces on a regular basis. From slow VPN connections to software that doesn't always cooperate, these problems can affect workflow. He stresses the importance of responsive IT support to overcome these technical barriers address efficiently.

Frustrations and solutions

A specific frustration within the company is the failure of hardware such as printers or screens. Ronald illustrates how important it is to have good maintenance contracts and fast help desk services, such as those provided by Mica IT. This support ensures that problems are resolved quickly, which is essential to maintaining business operations.

Future Vision and Innovation

Vision of future technologies

Ronald shares his vision of how technology will continue to shape the logistics industry. He expects automation and AI to play an increasing role, especially in making logistics processes more efficient. These innovations can lead to faster delivery times and lower operational costs.

The potential of AI within Maurice Award Group

Specifically for Maurice Award Group, Ronald sees opportunities for AI to improve customer service and freight tracking. He is excited about the opportunities these technologies offer for personalizing customer interactions and increasing transparency in the supply chain.


Reflection on the conversation

This conversation with Ronald Huizing provides a fascinating insight into how a traditional logistics company is adapting to the rapidly changing technological landscape. It shows that even companies in conservative sectors such as logistics can embrace the power of technology to improve and innovate their processes.

Importance of continuous innovation

It is clear that continuous innovation is not only desirable, but necessary for companies wishing to remain competitive in the modern marketplace. Maurice Award Group's approach to technological adaptation and future plans are a strong example for other companies in the industry.

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