Mica Podcast #2.05 | "Mica meets Rob Middelkoop"

Have you ever wondered How innovation and sustainability are transforming the world of logistics and air cargo? In this special episode of the Mica Podcast, we meet Rob Middelkoop, general manager of DJ Middelkoop. He shares insights on how his company is leading the way in sustainable logistics. The conversation reveals practical examples of sustainable initiatives and the impact of technology on the logistics industry. be inspired by the stories and strategies Rob shares.


Mica Podcast #2.05 | "Mica meets Rob Middelkoop"

Rob Middelkoop: The man behind the innovation

Rob Middelkoop, general manager of D.J. Middelkoop plays a crucial role in modernizing the logistics and air freight. Under his leadership, the company has become a pioneer in sustainable practices within the industry. Based in an industry traditionally considered challenging for sustainable innovations, Rob's company has made impressive strides toward a greener future.

Innovation and sustainability in logistics

Discussion on the role of sustainability within air cargo and logistics

Sustainability is not only a buzzword in the world of air freight and logistics; it forms the basis for future business models. Rob Middelkoop explains how his company is taking innovative steps to reduce its carbon footprint. These include the introduction of electric trucks and the extensive use of solar panels on their premises. These measures show that it is possible to achieve economic goals while contributing to a more sustainable world.


Specific sustainable initiatives such as electric trucks and solar panels on the premises

The introduction of the first electric truck in their fleet marks an important moment for D.J. Middelkoop. This initiative, combined with the installation of 2,100 solar panels, illustrates Rob's vision of an energy-efficient future. These practical steps not only help reduce the company's environmental impact, but also set a standard for innovation in the industry.

The challenges and successes of D.J. Middelkoop

go deeper into the complexity of logistics processes and the need for specialized and certified personnel

In the logistics world, the challenges are numerous, especially when it comes to handling sensitive loads such as pharmaceuticals. Rob stresses the importance of specialized personnel who are not only certified, but also continuously trained. This ensures that every aspect of the transportation process meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency.


The history of the company, including its founding and the impact of World War II

D.J. Middelkoop and Sons has a rich history dating back to 1932. Rob shares how the company survived the challenges of World War II, including having to hide trucks to protect them from confiscation. These stories not only show the company's resilience and adaptability over the years, but also its deep roots in Dutch history.

The role of technology and IT in modern logistics

How IT and data-driven strategies are transforming logistics processes at D.J. Middelkoop

In today's logistics industry, IT has become indispensable. Rob explains how technologies such as real-time data tracking and automated systems are essential for efficiently managing complex logistics operations. By integrating advanced IT solutions can plan its business more accurately, respond faster to market changes and increase customer satisfaction.


Examples of how technological innovations are being used for more efficient logistics solutions

A practical example of these technological advances is the use of management software that not only streamlines internal processes but also improves interaction with customers. Rob emphasizes the importance of a data-driven approach to overcome logistical challenges and increase operational efficiency. This ensures transparent, fast and reliable service, which is crucial in the dynamic world of air cargo.

Looking to the future: vision and expectations

Rob and company's vision for the future of the logistics industry

Rob Middelkoop is optimistic but realistic about the future of the logistics industry. He sees continued innovation and sustainability as keys to success. The company plans further expansion of their sustainable fleet and increasing energy efficiency within all operations. Rob strongly believes in adapting to rapidly changing technological and environmental standards to remain competitive in the global marketplace.


Discussion about the impact of market changes on air cargo and how the company is adapting to new trends

The air cargo industry is particularly sensitive to global economic fluctuations. Rob and his team actively monitor trends and adjust their strategies to stay ahead. With a focus on specialization in pharmaceutical transport and high-tech logistics, positions D.J. Middelkoop and Sons as a leader in specialized logistics services.



We gained a fascinating insight into how D.J. Middelkoop innovates logistics and air cargo. From sustainability to technology, Rob Middelkoop demonstrates that forward thinking and adaptability are essential to success. Want to know more or were you inspired by this story? Then be sure to listen to the full Mica Podcast episode to discover deeper details and hear direct advice from Rob himself.

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