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The unexpected of ICT costs can be overwhelming, but with the Mica's price calculator gives you a clear picture in advance of your monthly ICT expenses. This transparency allows you to manage your budget effectively and plan for the future with confidence, backed by our proactive support and customized solutions. Thus, navigating the technological landscapes becomes a lot less stressful and you are ready for both challenges and opportunities that are in front of you.

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Kevin Langeveld
Kevin Langeveld
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Mica IT is our valued IT partner because of their reliable and expert support for all our IT needs. They are always ready to help us with any IT problems and offer tailor-made solutions that optimize our business operations. With their dedicated team they provide essential support within our IT landscape.
Andy Vanbijlevelt
Andy Vanbijlevelt
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We, TrendyHair Company, are extremely satisfied with the service provided by Mica IT. The employees are polite, knowledgeable, accurate and fast. We made a good choice at the time to work with Mica IT.
Remco Brouwer
Remco Brouwer
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With Mica as our network and system administrator, it is as if we have a large IT department in-house. The proactive support offered is always and immediately available with the right ready knowledge about our network. Thinking along in the broadest sense of the word is at a high level which I personally rarely encounter in IT companies, really a partner who feels like part of the team.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Price Calculator for Modern Workplaces

Mica's price calculator provides a rough indication of your monthly costs based on the information provided. It is a tool to get a general idea of costs, but an accurate and detailed proposal requires personal contact with our team.
Mica is dedicated to providing flexible solutions that grow with you. While the price calculator provides an initial indication, we can create a customized plan to fit your changing needs after a personal consultation.
No, transparency is a core value of Mica. The price calculator is designed to provide an indicative picture of all costs, but a detailed and exact cost breakdown can only be provided after personal contact.
The price calculator considers several factors to provide a rough estimate. For a detailed cost analysis and exact overview, personal contact with our team is recommended.
Absolutely! Our expert team is ready to help you understand the results and advise on the best steps for your organization. After a personal meeting, we can provide a clearer and more detailed understanding of costs and solutions.
After using the price calculator, you will receive an email within a minute with a good explanation and price estimate. For an exact and signable proposal, please contact our team for a detailed discussion.
At Mica, we strive to make ICT simple and budget-friendly. After a personal consultation and detailed analysis, we can create a customized plan that fits your budget and needs.
No, the email you receive is intended to provide an indicative price and an overview of our services. For a formal and sign-off proposal, a follow-up meeting with one of our staff members is required, during which we can go deeper into your specific needs and requirements.

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