Season 2 of the Mica Podcast: Mica Meets

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mica IT, where we are at the cutting edge of innovation and technology, and where we are always striving for growth, both for us and for our customers. It is with great enthusiasm that we begin the new season of our podcast launch: "Mica Meets". A season of diving deeper into the dynamic world of IT, exploring trends, and listening to the voice of the customer - their needs, expectations, and the direction they want to move in the future.

Welcome to the Mica Podcast Season 2: "Mica Meets"

In our first installment, we had the pleasure of meeting a new star in the firmament of Mica IT: Robin Willemse, our newest hire and team manager since Dec. 1. Still fresh to the team, but ready to dive into all that Mica encompasses and how we can help our clients grow and prosper. Robin, with a background in business administration and management, brings a wealth of experience from a variety of roles, including that of business consultant and operations manager at a large child care organization. Interestingly, Robin was first a client of Mica, proving that sometimes life can take surprising turns!

Explore the Impact of IT with the Voices of Mica's Relationships

What makes "Mica Meets" so special? Unlike the first season, where we talked mostly to our own people about IT, we now engage with Mica's associates to share their perspectives and experiences. This season promises to cover a wide range of topics, from the impact of IT on their day-to-day operations to personal anecdotes and the challenges they face. And yes, Robin also brings a unique twist - his passion for music as a DJ and producer, which adds another dimension to our conversations.

Discover the Future of IT with Mica IT's Newest Podcast Season

We are curious about the common denominators among our clients: what drives their success, how do they navigate market trends, and what are their deepest needs and future plans? We also explore the significant IT developments that have positively changed the work and lives of our relationships, such as the ability to work remotely, and how it all works together within their organizations.

This season of "Mica Meets" is not only an opportunity to get to know our clients better, but also to gain in-depth insights into the challenges and opportunities within the IT industry. We are curious about the frustrations our clients face, from technical issues to the impact of always being "on" in this digital world. Our goal? To shine a light on the real user experience and what IT really means to the people behind the screens.


Ready for takeoff?

So brace yourself for a season full of inspiring stories, teachable moments, and of course, a little music as we continue the journey of "Mica Meets" together. We invite you to join us on this adventure as we explore the power of technology and how it connects and moves us all forward in unique ways. Welcome to "Mica Meets" - where every encounter reveals a new story.

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