The art of effective communication between businesses and IT Partners

In the fast-paced world of technological advancement, effective communication between companies and their IT partners has become crucial. But what does "effective" mean in this context? And how can companies ensure that their communications with IT partners actually reflect their growing needs?

8 Red Flags at IT partners

Frank dives into the complexities of IT Communications

In our latest installment, Frank, one of our expert team members at Mica IT, shares his valuable insights on this issue. He emphasizes not only the importance of open dialogue, but also the ability to be critical of the wants and needs being communicated.

For a CEO of a growing company or an IT manager caught in the middle of complex technical issues, Frank's approach brings a fresh perspective. Even if you're just curious about the underlying dynamics of IT management, this video offers an in-depth look at what really matters.



The importance of customer needs (and the question mark behind them)

One of the central themes of the discussion is understanding customer needs. Frank emphasizes, however, that this understanding is only half the battle. It is equally important to question whether these expressed needs actually reflect the organization's core requirements. In many cases, what a company thinks it needs may differ from what it actually needs.


Watch the episode

Whether you're at the helm of a growing business or just want to expand your knowledge of IT management, this episode offers essential insights you won't want to miss. Watch the full video here:

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