The NIS2 Self-Assessment Tool: A thorough exploration for your Organization

A significant tool was introduced on Oct. 18, the NIS2 self-assessment tool, designed by the National Digital Infrastructure Inspectorate (RDI) in collaboration with relevant ministries and regulators. This tool allows organizations to determine whether they are covered by the NIS2 Directive. A detailed explanation of this tool, the NIS2 directive and implications. for your organization.

The NIS2 Self-Assessment Tool.

What Does the NIS2 Guideline Mean?

The NIS2 is a European directive that is currently being translated into national legislation under the coordination of the Ministry of Justice and Security and in cooperation with the line ministries. The goal is to improve the cybersecurity within the EU and increase the resilience of critical sectors. Its importance cannot be underestimated given the growing threats in the digital domain.


The NIS2 Self-Assessment Tool Closer Look.

The NIS2 self-assessment tool is a crucial step for organizations to understand if and how the NIS2 guideline applies to them. By completing this self-assessment, you will gain insight into whether your organization is considered "essential" or "important" to society and/or the economy according to the NIS2 guideline.


The Development of the NIS2 Self-Assessment Tool.

This tool has been carefully developed by the RDI, in collaboration with relevant ministries and regulators. The goal is to provide organizations with adequate time and resources to prepare for the upcoming legislation, which is expected to be implemented by the end of 2024.


Future Steps: Internet Consultation and Preparation.

An Internet consultation will soon be launched giving organizations the opportunity to respond to the draft legislation resulting from the NIS2 Directive. This is a crucial phase for organizations to better understand what is expected of them and make the necessary preparations to comply with the new legislation.


Important Links and Resources

For those interested in being secure digitally and staying abreast of serious cyber threats, joining the DTC Community is a recommended step. In addition, the Digital Trust Center offers a wide range of cybersecurity information and a toolkit of cyber tools to help you get your basic security in order. Should you need additional advice or support, Mica is available to serve you on cybersecurity measures and NIS2 preparation. Contacting Mica provides an additional layer of insight and guidance to ensure your organization is robust and resilient in the digital landscape.

Click here To go directly to the NIS2 self-assessment tool!



The launch of the NIS2 self-assessment tool is a milestone in ongoing efforts to strengthen the digital security and resilience of organizations in the Netherlands. It is critical that organizations utilize this tool to understand their position and adequately prepare for upcoming NIS2-related legislation.

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