What is PowerPoint Designer and how do you use it?

Visuals are becoming increasingly important. Especially in communications. PowerPoint Designer is a powerful tool for creating professional and attractive presentations. Whether you are an experienced designer or someone creating a presentation for the first time. PowerPoint Designer can help you convey your ideas in a visually appealing way. This article dives into what PowerPoint Designer is, how to use it, and practical tips to take your presentations to the next level.


Introduction to PowerPoint Designer

PowerPoint Designer, a feature within Microsoft PowerPoint, uses intelligent services to suggest high-quality layouts for the content of your slides. It helps users create professional-looking presentations quickly and efficiently by making design recommendations based on the added content.

The benefits of PowerPoint Designer

There are several advantages to using PowerPoint Designer:


  • Time saving: Automatic design suggestions mean you spend less time thinking about layouts.
  • Professional Appearance: Get access to high-quality designs that give your presentation a professional look.
  • Creative Inspiration: Be inspired by a variety of designs and visual elements.

How do you activate PowerPoint Designer?

To use PowerPoint Designer, make sure you are working with a version of PowerPoint that supports the feature and that you are connected to the Internet. Go to the tab Design and select Design ideas. As you add content to your slide, PowerPoint Designer will automatically activate and make suggestions.


Using PowerPoint Designer

Adding content

Start by adding content to your slide. This can be text, images, or a combination of both. PowerPoint Designer analyzes this content and offers design suggestions.


Choosing design ideas

After adding your content, the panel appears Design ideas on the right. Browse through the suggestions and select the design that best suits your presentation.


Customize and refine

Although PowerPoint Designer's design suggestions are often already very good, you can always refine them further. Adjust colors, change fonts, or add your own twist to the selected design.


Tips for effective use of PowerPoint Designer

Use high-quality images

The quality of your images can make a big difference. Use high-resolution images for the best results with PowerPoint Designer.


Keep it simple

While it can be tempting to add many different elements, simplicity is often more powerful. Limit the amount of text and choose clear, powerful images.


Experiment with different designs

Don't be afraid to try different design ideas. Sometimes an unexpected choice can give your presentation a unique and memorable look.


Stay consistent

Use a consistent design theme throughout your presentation for a professional and cohesive look.


Integration with other Microsoft Office applications

PowerPoint Designer works seamlessly with other Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel. You can easily insert data and images from these applications, and Designer will continue to offer relevant design suggestions.



PowerPoint Designer is a revolutionary tool that transforms the way we design presentations. By combining user-friendliness with powerful, intelligent design technology, it enables users to achieve maximum impact with minimal effort. Whether you are preparing a business presentation, presenting an academic project, or sharing your personal story, PowerPoint Designer helps you get your message across in a visually appealing way. 


By applying these tips and techniques, you can maximize the power of PowerPoint Designer and enchant your audience with your next presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PowerPoint Designer can work with custom templates, but the design suggestions may be more optimized for standard PowerPoint templates.

No, PowerPoint Designer requires an active Internet connection to make design suggestions.

PowerPoint Designer is available in most modern versions of PowerPoint, including Office 365 subscriptions. Check the specifications of your version to be sure.

The number of design ideas generated depends on the complexity and amount of content on your slide. Usually it offers multiple creative options to choose from.

You cannot set specific preferences, but by adding or removing different types of content, you can influence the nature of the suggestions you receive.

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