Windows 11 23H2 update: Introduction of AI assistant Copilot

Microsoft is about to revolutionize the world of operating systems. On Sept. 26, the long-awaited 23H2 update for Windows 11 will be launched, introducing an array of impressive features, culminating in the AI assistant Copilot.

Windows 11 23H2 update- Introduction of the AI assistant Copilot

In-depth Look at Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot is not just an addition; it marks the beginning of a new era in human-machine interaction. This new AI assistant will become a permanent part of the taskbar, giving users access to the power of AI with just one click.

Direct Interaction and Integration

Copilot lets you ask simple to complex questions, similar to the experience offered by Bing Chat. But it goes beyond that: imagine being able to adjust system settings, such as activating dark mode or opening specific apps, with a simple command.

Seamless Connectivity

One of the most notable features is Copilot's ability to synchronize with the user's smartphone. This means that, for example, you can ask for flight information stored in a text message, and Copilot will instantly retrieve that information for you.

Extended Compatibility

Windows' Clipping program is now also integrated with Copilot. Imagine clipping a photo and the AI assistant instantly removes the background, or taking a screenshot of a mathematical equation and Copilot solves it for you.

Other Important Features in the Update

The 23H2 update is not just limited to the introduction of Copilot. There are numerous other improvements and additions that take your Windows experience to the next level.

Ink Anywhere: Creativity Without Borders

Especially for Surface devices, the Ink Anywhere feature allows users to draw anywhere on the screen with a stylus.

A Fresh Look for Explorer

The file explorer has been revamped with a more refined look, larger images and a handy "Home" page for quick access to recent and favorite files.

New and Enhanced Apps

From a dark mode in Paint to the revamped Outlook app, the 23H2 update is packed with innovations. In addition, the update introduces built-in support for rar and 7-zip files and an advanced volume mixer in the quick settings panel.

Advanced Settings and Backup

The new update enables management of rgb hardware directly from Windows settings. In addition, the creation of backups easier and more efficient with a dedicated backup app that makes transferring data and settings when setting up a new PC a breeze.


With the 23H2 update, Microsoft is taking a huge step forward in creating an advanced and user-friendly operating system. Whether it is the introduction of the AI assistant Copilot or the numerous other advanced features, Windows users have much to look forward to. Get ready for a revolutionary experience that will change the way we interact with our computers.

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